Autumn Tug Toys
Autumn Tug Toys
Autumn Tug Toys
Autumn Tug Toys

Autumn Tug Toys

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Autumn Tug Toys!

My range of tug toys is now available in two stunning new Autumn colour combinations!
There is the Autumn Trees tuggy in beautiful greens, orange and yellow capturing the pretty summer trees changing their colours for autumn. Or the Autumn Leaves tuggy in warm brown, maroon, orange and yellow for those pups who love chasing autumn leaves and jumping into leaf piles!

Tug toys are great fun all year round but they are excellent for playing inside on those hot or rainy autumn days (who can tell what kind of weather we’re going to get this autumn! Could be heatwaves could be crispy cold autumn mornings! 😄)

Tug toys make great presents for all the special doggies in your life for any occasion or just because 😊

Brand new handmade fleece tug toys. Great fun for all dogs that love to play tug-o-war and fetch or dogs that just love having something fuzzy to shake around.

- Made from premium polar fleece
- Hand braided with love
- Perfect for tug of war and fetch
- Strong but gentle on doggy teeth
- Great for agility, flyball and obedience
- Fun for dogs of all sizes & ages
- Machine washable

SAFETY NOTE: These toys are recommended for supervised play only

Just select your tug toy type and colour from the lists :)
Small tug toys are approx. 60cm long
Large tug toys are approx. 120cm long
Looper tug toys are approx. 60cm long

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me.

Contact me:
Facebook/Instagram: @fuzzydogtugtoys (I hang out on Instagram the most :) )