The Fuzzy Story

I often get asked why I make my tug toys so here is my Fuzzy Dog Tug Toy story!
I started making these fleece-y dog tug toys years and years ago for my own dogs because I didn't really like the hard rope toys I found in the shops so after some googling and you-tubing research and several failed and wonky attempts at making different braids I settled on these lovely tug toys and my dogs absolutely loved them! Something about the soft fuzzy material made my tug toys a solid favourite toy for my pups to carry around the house and poke into my hands anytime I was sitting on the couch. And personally I loved not getting rope burn on my hands and not having to pick up shredded threads of rope from all over the house! 😄
Finding myself dog-less at the moment I decided to share the tuggy love and make my tug toys for doggies everywhere! A little hobby of making tug toys for friends and family’s dogs turned into my little Fuzzy Dog Tug Toys business of sharing tug toys with dogs all over Australia and even across the world! Nothing makes me happier than seeing happy dogs playing and having fun with their tug toys and snuffle mats.
I’m always happy to answer any questions or chat about anything dogs (especially with other crazy dog people 😀we’re the best kind of people 😉😍🐶) so feel free to send me a message or come and find me on Instagram (@fuzzydogtugtoys) where I spend 98.5% of my spare time admiring all the beautiful insta pups and their adventures 😄😍
Cuddles and fuzzy love to all the lovely doggies out there! I hope to see you in #tuggyclub one day! 😊💖
Emily xo