Large Kong Ball Tug Toy
Large Kong Ball Tug Toy
Large Kong Ball Tug Toy

Large Kong Ball Tug Toy

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Large Kong Ball Tug Toys are great for all medium to large size dogs or little dogs who are big dogs at heart and love to drag their tug toys around the house! A great choice for any ball crazy pup.  

These tug toys are made with classic Kong balls which are approx. 6cm in diameter (almost the same size as a tennis ball) and made of a heavy solid rubber. Kong balls are high bouncing, puncture resistant and very durable! Definitely the toughest of my ball tug toys.

Fuzzy Dog Tug Toys are all lovingly handmade. Great fun for all dogs that love to play tug-o-war and fetch or dogs that just love having something fuzzy to shake around.

- Made from premium polar fleece
- Hand braided with love
- Perfect for tug of war and fetch
- Strong but gentle on doggy teeth (and human hands!)
- Great for agility, flyball and obedience
- Fun for dogs of all sizes & ages
- Machine washable

SAFETY NOTE: These toys are recommended for supervised play only

Large kong ball tug toy measures approx. 120cm full length (70-80cm from knot to knot)

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